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The evolution of investors

-> After the emergence of Bitcoin and the significant increase in cryptocurrencies, this market began to gain more strength and significance. Additionally, we live in a time where investment options are growing every day with technological advancements. Currently, the cryptocurrency market is estimated to be worth around $2 trillion and may reach $7 trillion according to Multicoin Capital. Despite common beliefs, investors are located globally.
-> Despite the inherent risks, the market offers great profit potential. Whether you're a beginner or experienced investor, including cryptocurrencies in your portfolio can be a great option for those with a more aggressive profile (who understand market fluctuations and are aware of investment risks). With the evolution of this market, institutional investors have started to invest in this type of market, indicating that the world of digital currencies is here to stay. Currently, the number of financial institutions operating in this market is relatively low, attracting the attention of many experts who see growth potential. Analysts predict that the amount of money being traded by market participants could multiply several times, leading to the natural growth of various cryptocurrencies. Although it's a prediction, there are technical elements that support it and a technological trend that confirms this.

Opportunities go beyond Bitcoin

-> There's no need to look far to see that Bitcoin is not the only opportunity; Metaverse, artificial intelligence, and NFTs already serve as great examples.