Music AI
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Blockchain Concept

-> We will use the most secure and prioritizing speed! The BEP-721 protocol was the one that best fit the requirements, where we will be able to put the NFT's on the web and integrate it with the app. With this, in Page we will give a demonstration of the functionality of our app, where when listening to songs, they will staking in token Music AI.


-> The blockchain has several unique features, and one of them is immutability, where there is no possibility of changes. This makes the blockchain a permanent and unalterable network, which differs from traditional centralized systems like banks. Another important factor is the backup of blockchain resources. Once transactions are recorded, they cannot be altered or undone. This creates a system that is immune to corruption and information cannot be hacked, changed, or stolen.


-> Everything in blockchain is transparent and organized, and it doesn't rely on human calculations, making it immune to failures. One of the most beneficial aspects of blockchain is decentralization. This gives all investors control over their financial assets without relying on third parties or institutions to maintain their balance. The decentralized nature of the technology creates a transparent profile of each investor. Every change in the blockchain is visible, making it more solid.


->All changes are subject to a community consensus, which ensures network reliability. In a nutshell, this is a decision-making process for the active group in the network. Here, we can reach an agreement quickly and with the security of a well-functioning system at its core.