Music AI
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Blockchain and Web3 at Music AI

->The basis of the project is to make listening to your favorite music a profitable activity by allowing you to earn money from it. We are currently in the BETA phase of our platform, where our investors will be able to link their portfolios and take advantage of the staking options available. Our app is in progress and will soon be available on ANDROID and IOS platforms.
-> All changes or modifications will be voted on and recorded by each administrator in a separate transaction. The change will be implemented when there is enough consensus. Configuration phase: Administrators can bypass the voting process only during this phase.


-> We will use the BSC protocol for all transactions and the architecture of our blockchain. Our block configurations are as follows:
  • We have 10 empty block configurations, meaning that there will be no transactions in these blocks.
  • We will be idle until the next transaction after the above configuration.
  • Disk Space Savings
  • Currency based on contracts with artists and record companies.
  • Our currency is based on contracts with artists and record companies. The FAR (Fun Action Reward) concept rewards users with coins for performing fun actions, such as listening to their favorite songs.
Addendum: Each generated block has a size of 8 Mega Bytes and the interval between blocks is 30 seconds.