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Metaverse as a generational evolution of the Internet (Coming soon...)
-> Imagine a world where you can sit with a friend who lives thousands of miles away, or imagine a virtual version of your workplace while you're at the beach. The concept of the metaverse emerged in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when technology community members envisioned an Exponential Age, a future state of the Internet, which they called the "metaverse". In this future, which was only imagined then, the transformation of society would be so profound that it would revolutionize both the digital and much of the real world.

METAVERSE and NFT Integration

-> By using blockchain to power NFTs, non-fungible tokens became truly unique assets in a digital medium. This made the possibilities of the metaverse limitless. While some saw NFTs as a passing trend, digital industry leaders realized that NFTs were the missing piece for creating a functional metaverse. A fully functional metaverse has the potential to alter how people interact with and transcend the digital world, merging it with the real world. It provides a collective virtual experience, capable of reinventing not only the creative industry, but also allowing physical and digital worlds to integrate, leading to a successor to the mobile internet.

What is the role of DeFi in NFT-enabled Metarversos?

For example, Coca Cola recently created its own NFTs, including a wearable jacket for avatars in the Decentraland metaverse. The brand's global president, Selman Careaga, expressed excitement about sharing their first NFTs with the metaverse, where new friendships form in new ways and in new worlds. Note that global consumer brands' involvement through NFTs, rather than video games, sports, music, and art, is not welcomed by the metaverse community. However, this trend confirms the future vision of digital pioneers in the 1970s and 1980s. The metaverse, as a generational evolution of the Internet, transforms not only the virtual world but also part of the physical world, where products and services will be marketed and function on its platform. This is where DeFi fits in, in this new economy that will start functioning in the metaverse, or as some call it, the "Metaverse-Fi". What makes DeFi attractive to the metaverse community is its automation, with no intervention from a central entity, aligning with the spirit of Web 3.

Metaverse Music AI

We're developing our own multiverse platform, starting with one station for NFT owners to access and participate in decision-making, like governance. We're already testing with games, and soon we'll have more functionality in our metaverse. We'll offer investors several options in the Music AI meta for technological trends and customization.