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Music AI

"First, we must educate the soul through music and then the body through gymnastics," said Plato. Music has always been present in mankind's culture. Troubadour poems accompanied by sounds and symbolist poems, which aim for musicality in their creations, are examples of the artistic use of music with the goal of providing pleasure to the ears and evoking emotions. Many researchers recognize music as a modality that develops the human mind, promotes balance, provides a pleasant sense of well-being, facilitates concentration, and supports the development of reasoning, especially for deep thoughts. Music consists of three elements: words, harmony, and rhythm, emphasizing the significance of good and genuine music. It penetrates directly into our nerve centers, quickly and immediately organizing time and space, and inspiring an appreciation for virtues. Children sing, clap their hands, stamp their feet, and dance, showing that no one stays still. These natural body movements complement the song's melodic expression as primordial rhythmic gestures".

Music AI {MusicAI}

-> Music AI (MusicAI) - We are a decentralized platform where we believe in evolving through music. We develop protocols and consensus that ensure security for our investors, but above all, profitability. Our main services currently include:
-> Our main goal is to provide our investors with the opportunity to both listen and win, as we understand that music is a part of many daily and routine activities.
-> Furthermore, beyond financial benefits, we also have an exclusive collection that will provide benefits to holders, such as decision-making in some positions within Music AI. The value of their NFTs will also increase through upgrades and customizations within the exclusive Music AI metaverse."